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About Litra

Born in 1958, LITRA it’s an American company specializes in making retractable roofs. Business leader in America, LITRA has developed quality products suitable for residential and commercial applications.

The main products manufactured by our company are motorized retractable roof, whether it’s a telescopic roof, a sunrooms, a patio cover, a pergola cover, a pool enclosures or retractable awning, LITRA It’s able to provide the ideal solution for you .

The excellent workmanship of our products begins before of their development, our engineers follow our customers for suggest the right coverage that best suits their needs. After choosing a coverage, experienced engineers working for the realization of the aluminum structure (usually aluminum lacquered, Alloy 6060 or 6063 (Uniform Building Table 20-11-A) – Uni 9006 \ 1 – ISO \ 9002 to 9004 or stainless steel. ) and for the realization of the cover (which can be PVC, Polycarbonate, Plexiglass or fabric).

For the realization of cutting edge products LITRA work with expert designer and experts architects and engineers in order to offer a flawless and long-lasting products for satisfy the needs of our client.

LITRA retractable roofs are often used for restaurants, hotels, sports centers, bars, pubs, for outer shell in shopping centers and other commercial activities but, in the recent past their application has also become residential, especially with regard to the application of patio covers and sunrooms.

If you want to beautify your home and carve out a beautiful space where you can relax with your family or you want to increase your business profits and attracting customers during all seasons, LITRA retractable roofs are the right solution for you.

LITRA, expanding your living space

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