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California is considered the state of the sun and if you have a business you can take advantage from the sun. Imagine to lunching in a restaurant where a slight wind refreshes you and in this moment all around a beautiful atmosphere relaxes your customers.

California Retractable Roof is a motorized retractable roof made by LITRA for commercial applications. Our California retractable roofs are ideal for Restaurants, Hotels, NightClubs, Bars, Pubs, Stadiums and other business applications. The standard version of our retractable systems is 2/3 Retractable and 1/3 fixed.

California Retractable Roof for Business

California retractable roofs is the perfect solution if your business is near to sea because thanks at the high-quality materials used for build it, our California retractable roof are able to resist the corrosion of the salt, sun and wind. LITRA Retractable Enclosure California (how is called our California Retractable Enclosures) protect your business from rain, snow, wind (up to 120 mph) and other weather conditions.

All our products are fully customizable for realized your dreams and add one touch of style at your business. Increase your business profits with California retractable roofs is very easy, with our roof, in fact, the return of investment is guaranteed!.

LITRA Retractable Roofs can be heated in winter and cooled in summer for the utmost comfort. It is also equipped with an integrated drainage system that collects and carries out the rainwater. A multi-layered, highly resistant patented system called Stratustex is available upon request. It prevents condensation and thermally insulates the enclosure for total comfort in all seasons.

Request now a free estimate or a free visit, our specialists will carry out a project for you. Start today to attract more customers and increase your profits with our California Retractable roof

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