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If you live in California probably you want the best for your home. LITRA thanks to his Sunrooms San Diego (or California Sunroom) now are able to realize you dream. Manufactured with only best material (high-resistant aluminum structure and very strong PVC, polycarbonate or plexiglass used for covering material) LITRA can guarantee their products for five years. Sunrooms Sand Diego is the better idea if you want enchant your home or your garden while you add value at your home. Elegance, resistance, quality, beauty is just some of the quality that our California Sunroom can add at your home.

If you know LITRA you know our professionally and the quality of our products. If you don’t know we you can read this or read more about our products.

Sunrooms Sand Diego by LITRA

Sunrooms San Diego is a retractable sunroom made by LITRA for California. This sunroom is 2/3 Retractable and 1/3 fix. It is available with two different version: motorized retractable system or manually retractable system. The motorized retractable Sunrooms San Diego is ideal if you want open or closed your roof with a simple click on a button. If you install motorized system you can add some gadget, for example, remote control for closed or opened the roof wherever you are in the house, the automatism or sensor whereby you can plan the opening and closing of LITRA covering systems using time sensors and wind, sun and rain sensors.

Our Sunrooms San Diego protect your home, your garden or you backyard from rain, snow, wind (up to 120 mph), UV rays, and other weather conditions. Those who choose to install our California Sunroom in their home will be the envy of neighbors. Add a new space in your home where you can relax alone or with your family or friends. Sunrooms San Diego help you to enjoy the natural light in your home and spend less on heating and air conditioning.

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