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LITRA Retractable Roof Connecticut

Retractable roof Connecticut is the ideal solutions when you want increase the profits of your business in Connecticut. With our Retractable Roofs Connecticut you can valorize your indoor and your outdoor space thanks to innovative system able to attract more customers again, again and again.

Retractable roofs Connecticut consist in a modular sliding panels used for covering and a high-resistant aluminum structure. This roof are able to protect your business from Rain, Snow, high wind and other weather conditions.

Retractable Roof Connecticut and Screen Enclosures

If you combining our retractable roofs Connecticut with our screen enclosures, you can create a new beautiful room where you can entertain your customers in your business while they spend their money.

Screen enclosures is an innovative lateral panel made by LITRA for enclosure and protect your business without sacrificing the ability to enjoy the view of your outdoor space. Screen enclosures are developed for resist at wind up to 120 mph and in the past our screen enclosures have resisted at hurricane Florence (read more)

The high quality to the material used for our products allows at LITRA to guarantee its products for five years.

Those who choose to install Retractable Roof Connecticut in their business choose to add an innovative solution able to carry the business into the future. If you don’t want lose the opportunity to increase your profits the right choose is see to the future and take the right investment. And the Retractable roof Connecticut by LITRA is a right investment because the return of investment is guaranteed!

Don’t wait again, request now a free estimate and project with us your business future. Expanding your living space with LITRA

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