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Skylights Connecticut are the special line made by LITRA for Connecticut. Skylights are overhead windows, often in a roof, that allow sunlight to filter inside any enclosed area; Connecticut Skylights are the ideal solution for the business that want attract more customers and increase their profits. Our Skylights are able to create a new space where the natural light of the sun creates a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

Retractable Skylights Connecticut

Thanks to retractable system that distinguishes our retractable skylight Connecticut from other skylight, we are able to offer a product able to resist at wind up to 120 mph, rain, high snow load, UV rays, and other weather conditions. Skylights Connecticut are available with a manual or motorized retractable system and you can open or close at your please whenever you want.

A Skylight is a great way to allow more light into your business through a flat or sloped window built into the roof structure for daylighting. Adding a skylights Connecticut can almost immediately open up any room and make it lighter and brighter, adding a sunny, airy feeling.

Skylights have been used in housing and other architecture from time immemorial and these can never go out of style. Skylights are used frequently in modern architecture, as well, and many modern malls, restaurants, hotels and other large, public places make use of skylights for natural daylight to light up common areas.

Those who choose to install Skylights Connecticut in their business, need before to install it to carefully evaluate what type of skylight will work best for you, considering your specific requirements and how to install it. A good skylight is able to increase your attractivity-capacity that your business have towards your customers. A nice style attracts more customers, more customers generate more revenue, more revenue is equal to more profits for you and for your business. LITRA with Skylights Connecticut or one of the other Retractable roofs increase the business profit from 5 to 20% and the return of investment is guaranteed!

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your profits, request now a free estimate and enjoy your new living space with LITRA

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