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Sunrooms are made to enclose the outdoor space in a kind of transparent room that is totally different from that belonging to a building. Due to the transparency of the material the nature around can be admired while the bad weather is kept away. No rain, wind or snow is allowed to enter and bother you.

Litra custom manufactures each sunrooms  and screen area to fulfill your desires, vogue and budget. Our areas don’t seem to be one-size-fits-all – every room is meant specifically for your home. Study our totally different area designs, and let our style consultants work with you to envision what is best for your home, mode and budget.
Did you recognize we are able to additionally enclose associate degree existing lines house with our sunrooms or screen area systems? Allow us to produce an inside porch or area area for your home and increase your room.


sunrooms sunrooms sunrooms sunrooms


An aluminum support and a cover in transparent polycarbonate  will create for you the comfort and protection that you need in the middle of nature, because the construction, which those materials forms, is realized with a well known international patent. It guarantees the high quality of the sunroom. The cold weather will be most suitable for the use of sunrooms because they stop raining or snow and the atmosphere inside can be heatable. Whenever you think to enjoy the nature in the cold season and your own outdoor spaces for doing this, here we offer you the sunroom for your protection.

Our sunrooms are equipped with new technologies that make them to be unique on the market. Thus, they are telescopic, retractable and can be operated automatically with a simple click.

With our sunroom you can feel the joy of spending time in the middle of nature all year round.

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