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Illinois has a climate that varies widely throughout the year. Most of Illinois has a humid continental climate with hot, humid summers and cold winters. The southernmost part of the state, has a humid subtropical climate, with more moderate winters. Average yearly precipitation for Illinois varies from just over 48 inches at the southern tip to around 35 inches in the northern portion of the state. Normal annual snowfall exceeds 38 inches.

LITRA has developed for the high wind, snow, and rain, structures be able to resist at wind up to 120 mph and at high load snow. One of our structure has resisted during the Hurricane Florence that swept Bermuda in September 2006.

Some of the most appreciated product in Illinois is LITRA Aluminum Awnings Chicago, Illinois Sunroom and Chicago Walkway. Our Illinois Sunroom is motorized solutions for cover your business or your home during the rainy or snowy days. With a simple click of one button our Illinois Sunroom open or closed when you wish.

Aluminum Awnings Chicago

LITRA Aluminum Awnings Chicago are the ideal solutions for technologically covering your hotels, restaurants, and wide outdoor spaces. Ideal for business and home our Aluminum Awnings Chicago are available in two solutions, motorized or manual

Chicago Skylights

Illinois Sunroom provides an excellent housing solution for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space (patio, terrace or garden). LITRA Illinois Sunroom consist of removable sliding modular panels, with an aluminum structure and highly resistant PVC, polycarbonate and plexiglass cover material.
They are made for creating an insulated room. Our Illinois Sunroom roof with a motorized system can be easily opened with a simple click.

Chicago Walkway

Our Chicago Walkway with high quality by LITRA is ideal for creating a passage or path for walking along a raised passageway connecting different sections of a building or a wide path in a park or garden.

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patio enclosures illinois

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