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Patio Covers Chicago by LITRA

Welcome to our Chicago Patio Covers, Patio Covers Chicago webpage

Patio Covers Chicago Gallery

Patio Covers Chicago

Patio Covers Chicago are the ideal products for commercial and residential applications. Able to enclose your patio with style LITRA Patio Covers Chicago is one of the top products made by LITRA for Illinois. Patio Covers Chicago are the products that transform the patio into a new modern place where it will be pleasant to spend time admiring in safeness the nature around. If the patio belongs to a business, with LITRA Chicago Patio Covers it can be exploited to get much more revenue.

What is Patio Covers Chicago?

Patio Covers Chicago (or Patio Covers Illinois) is a manually operated Retractable Roof, ideal for any type of business (restaurant, hotel, night clubs, country clubs and many more). The standard version of our Chicago Patio Covers is 50% fixed and 50% retractable. In special conditions is possible to have the Patio Covers Chicago 1/3 fixed and 2/3 retractable.

Those who choose to install our Chicago Patio Covers for business applications, install a product able to attract new customers that come back in your business again, again, and again. With our patio covers the return of investment is guaranteed!

Those who choose to install our Patio Covers Chicago in their home, choose to add a new outdoor space where relax yourself and add a new value at their home.

All LITRA Patio Covers Chicago are guaranteed for five years and protect your home or your business from rain, high snow load, strong wind (up to 120 mph), UV rays, and other weather conditions. At our patio cover you can add our special removable screen enclosures for create a new insulated room. Our screen enclosures aren’t considered a permanent structures and you can install when is cold and remove when the summer arrive (is very easy to install or remove it).

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