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Chicago Retractable Roof by LITRA

Welcome to our Illinois Retractable Roof, Chicago Retractable Roof webpage

Chicago Retractable Roof Gallery

Chicago Retractable Roof

Chicago Retractable Roof (or Illinois Retractable Roof) is the perfect solutions for who want increase their profits and attract more customers. Our Chicago Retractable roofs will bring more clients because the place becomes safe and more attractive. Imagines your restaurant, your hotel or you business during the hot summer, with a standard roof you need install air-conditioner for your customers but at some people don’t like it and you lose customers. With our retractable roof thanks to retractable system you can open or closed your roof at your please. You can protect your customers from rain, snow, breeze, wind if you closed it or you can refresh the room when is hot.

Motorized Chicago Retractable Roof

The standard version of our Chicago retractable roofs is 2/3 retractable and 1/3 fixed (In special condition our Retractable Roof can be 1/4 fix and 3/4 retractable). With a simple click on a button or with a remote control you can open or close the roof when you want. In addition to remote control you can add at our Chicago Retractable Roof a rain sensor.

LITRA Chicago Retractable Roof

LITRA Chicago Retractable Roof is ideal solutions for restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, night-clubs, and other business because its can be heated in winter and cooled in summer for the utmost comfort. It is also equipped with an integrated drainage system that collects and carries out the rainwater.

With LITRA Illinois Retractable Roof, the return on investment is guaranteed! Thanks to our roofs in effect the business profits generally increase from 5 to 15%. Our team of engineers and architects accomplish improvement and innovation in order to offer the best quality at our Illinois retractable roof.

Since 1958 LITRA develop and install retractable roofs for business applications at best price, request now a free estimate and start to increase your business profits.

Chicago Retractable Roof, Illinois Retractable Roof