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Patio Cover New Jersey

A custom built patio cover New Jersey creates a comfortable area to entertain friends, spend time with your family or just relax after a long day. Adding a covered patio in your backyard is a great way to extend your outdoor living area where you can add tables for your customers (therefore increase your profits) in case of commercial applications or where you can relax in case of residential applications.

If you need to create an additional outdoor space for you, for your business or for your family, the best solution is choose Retractable Patio Cover New Jersey by LITRA. Thanks to our product, in fact, you can create an outdoor additional space or even an additional room (if you combine our patio cover with our innovative removable screen enclosures).

Let us design and build a custom metal retractable patio cover for your backyard.

LITRA patio covers New Jersey are developed only with high-quality material who guarantee at our products durability and resistance. The high-resistant aluminum structure used for our patio cover is able to resist at wind up to 120 mph. The covering material (Fabrics, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate or PVC) protect you, your family and your customers in your backyard from rain, wind, snow, UV rays and other weather conditions.

The standard version of our retractable patio covers is 50% fixed and 50% retractable. The manual retractable system (see video) allow at those who choose our patio cover New Jersey to open or close it very easily.

In special conditions is possible to have the Retractable Patio Covers 1/3 fix and 2/3 retractable.

LITRA Patio Cover New Jersey are the products that transform the patio into a new modern place where it will be pleasant to spend time admiring in safeness the nature around.