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Skylights New Jersey

Skylight New Jersey is the transparent retractable roof system by LITRA ideal for business. If you want to expand your work space and increase your business the best solution is Skylights New Jersey That not only bring the outdoors in, they let the indoors out. Adding significant value to homes as well as commercial properties is a unique product with special features.

Retractable Skylight New Jersey

The Retractable Skylight NJ installation is a removable sliding modular panel. Is made with an aluminum structure, polycarbonate and Plexiglas cover material and can provide electrical or manual retractable skylights New Jersey. Aluminum is much lighter in weight than steel, which reduces the overall loads on your structure. Polycarbonate panels guaranteed to retain clarity and resist yellowing and are virtually unbreakable. They also withstand extreme temperature extremes and are ultraviolet (UV) stabilized.

Because of the style features that characterizes it, transforms environments in unique places and offers the possibility to live every moment of the day outdoors, in a cool and comfortable, protected from sunlight during the hottest hours, humidity and wind in the evening. The Skylights New Jersey designs can include screen enclosures made of a powder coated aluminum structure and highly resistant transparent PVC (Crystal). The weight is not a problem because these are extremely light.

Easy to open up to let in beautiful and close up when it’s cold or rainy, with one touch of a button you can be enjoying the outdoor while in the privacy of your home. Being an excellent housing solution for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space house, swimming pool or garden. Because is totally removable is not considered as a permanent structure.

It open silently and smoothly, and close tight to keep out drafts and moisture adding sophistication and elegance to any space. Develops custom operable skylights New Jersey for both commercial and residential spaces that are as elegant in operation.

Is something more romantic than outdoor eating? Outdoor dining with the protection of an open roof when you need it is, and access to the stars when you don’t. Restaurant roofing sets the tone for an extraordinary meal. Can you imagine seeing the stars during dinner or opening up the roof to let in a full moon?
That’s why so many restaurants have added a LITRA Skylights New Jersey to their dining area. For a lot of people, enclosing patio space not only adds ambiance, it also doubles their seating capacity, allowing them to increase revenue all year round.