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Ontario Patio Cover

Ontario Patio Cover is a retractable patio cover made by LITRA for those who live in Ontario. LITRA Ontario Patio Cover is 1/3 fixed and 2/3 retractable but in special condition we develop retractable patio cover 1/4 fixed and 3/4 retractable.

Ideal for commercial and residential applications Ontario Patio Covers is the best for who want add value at his home and protect his garden or his patio or, for who want increase his outdoor business space for his customers. Ontario Patio Cover is especially indicated for Restaurants, Hotels, Nigh Clubs, Pub, Bars and again Home, Villas etc.

Ontario Patio Cover

Thank to LITRA Patio Cover Ontario you can use all year around your death capital. With our patio covers, in fact, you can use your four season patio cover for create your new garden, for relax during de summer and the winter or where you can host your new customers in summer and winter (if you create an insulated room with your patio). Our Ontario Patio Cover are able to create an insulated room if combining with permanent wall or with our removable screen enclosures. Generally those who choose to install a patio cover choose our screen enclosures for create a new room in winter (when they install our screen enclosures) and just a relaxing outdoor space in summer (when our screen enclosures are removed). If you want more info visit our screen enclosures webpage.

Patio cover are the line for Business and Home, if you have a garden and want extend your living space all season, Litra retractable patio covers is the products for you. Expanding your living space with LITRA

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