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LITRA Retractable Roof Philadelphia

Have you a Restaurant, bar, hotel, or any business?
You have found “the product” for increase your profits. Retractable roof Philadelphia (or generally Retractable roof Pennsylvania) is the product ideal for all business that want renew their style and attract more customers. When the customers search where to dine (in case of restaurants), where sleep (in case of hotels), where drink (in case of Bars or Pubs) or where play (in case of nightclubs), need a place able to give him a unique experience which they can repeat.

Imagine to see the sky during the night during a rainy day without getting wet. Thanks to LITRA products this is possible. Our retractable roof Philadelphia is designed for create a new space able to create a unique atmosphere where you and your customers can relax and enjoy the day.

LITRA Retractable Roof Philadelphia

The Standard version of Retractable Roof Philadelphia is a 1/3 fix and 2/3 retractable and protect you from rain, high snow load, strong wind (up to 120 mph). You can add at our Retractable Roof Philadelphia other resistance for example salt resistant if your business is near the sea, remote control if you want open or closed your roof everywhere, smoke sensor, sun and rain sensor and other gadgets.

LITRA Retractable Roof Philadelphia is fully waterproof and is able to create an insulated room when is closed. You can heat or cool the room when you want. LITRA recommend at their customer to install our heating systems developed by our engineers for our retractable roofs (LITRA retractable roofs can be fitted with infra-red heating systems, thus ensuring the utmost comfort with low heat dissipation). For the summer when you can cool the room we recommend opening our roof and save more money without switch on the air-conditionate.

What you aspects? Request now a free estimate or contact us and increase your business profits.

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