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LITRA Retractable Awnings Los Angeles and LITRA Awnings Los Angeles help to increase your business and maximize your profits thanks to our innovative design and custom space made production you can accomplish at your wish.

The cool California Current offshore, enhanced by upwelling of cold sub-surface waters, often creates summer fog near the coast, creating a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Further inland, the climate becomes more continental, with some areas turning semi-arid, with colder winters and markedly hotter summers. California has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with subtropical temperatures a well-defined summer dry season and cool, foggy, rainy season.

LITRA has developed a Retractable Awnings Systems (Awning Los Angeles, Retractable Awnings Los Angeles) with high performance to sun protection, wind load and rain. These Retractable Awning Los Angeles with the climate of Southern California are ideal for all seasons. In winter when rain comes, our customers can open LITRA retractable patio covers (Los Angeles Patio Covers) and created an insulated and waterproof room. In summer, is possible open or closed at your please LITRA Patio Covers. Four Southern California we manufacture a special line of products such as motorized retractable Patio Covers, motorized Retractable Awnings that allow to create additional space for residential and commercial applications.

LITRA special line a products for South California:

  • Skylights Los Angeles

  • California Pool Enclosures

  • Los Angeles Patio Covers

  • Awnings Los Angeles

And Classic Line

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