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LITRA Texas Shelters, Texas Awnings, Texas Patio Covers, Canopies, and Retractable roof are ideal for any business or home in Texas. With our Texas Shelters retractable roof systems you are able to protect your customers from dangerous UV rays during the hot days and offer them a cool refreshing space. Same time you are able to “remove” the roof (the sliding roof system is able to be open at 2/3 from his length, 1/3 is fixed) end let the sun come in.

For this state our Texas Shelters shade mobile, Texas Awnings, Texas Patio Covers, Gazebo, Pergola and all the other retractable roof systems are ideal. Our systems provide shade and they are ideal for terraces, bars, hotels and all the other outdoor areas.

You can be protected against too high and too low temperatures by using our sliding roof system. A business like a Restaurant or Hotel (or similar open space) can increase the revenue during all seasons. Main advantage is that you can decide when to open or close the roof. Additionally you can install screen enclosures which will completely isolate you area (panels can be installed during the cold season and removed in the summer season, the system is very easy and quick). By using a conditioned air system you have a complete control over the inside temperature.

We also design large Retractable Roofs for New Jersey shopping centers, sport facilities and airports.

LITRA has matured considerable experience in the Texas Awnings over the years and it serves either residential or commercial customers.

We also specialize in Texas Patio Covers, for residential and commercial

Texas Shelters for business and home