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For all type of situations Washington DC Shelter, Washington DC Awnings, Washington DC Walkway

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LITRA Washington DC

Washington Dc Awnings is the products made by LITRA for Washington DC (with a rivolutionary sliding system that allows you to open and close your awnings as you need it with a manual or motorized systems). In the hot season you can open the roof letting sun come in, or you can close it when it rains. For the cold season you can completely enclose your area by using our lateral penls called screen enclosured.

Washington DC Walkway, Washington DC Awnings, Washington DC Shelter (Shade Mobile), Washington DC Patio Cover, Washington dc skylights and Retractable Roofs are the main products in which our company is specialized. Our company designs and manufactures all this products for residential but mostly for commercial business owners. The quality of our products and the resistance of our structure is know into all word.

Hotels, restaurants, terraces and other outdoors businesses can benefit of the huge advantage of our system. Wind protection, rain protection, snow protection, sun protection and UV Rays protection are only some of advantages of our products. Our retractable roof has an innovative sliding roof, with 1/3 fixed part, and 2/3 mobile). This way you can control the temperature of you area and do exactly what your customer need. The lateral panel system is also provided with sliding doors so your building will look modern and stylinsh.

Main Advantages of our products:
  • RETRACTABLE – Possibility to selectively open and close the roof.

  • MOTORIZED – Automaticaly Open and Close.

  • ANTI SEISMIC – Possibility of request a structure that can resist to earthquakes up to 6.5 Richter Scale.

  • ANTI HURRICANES – Possibility of request a structure that can resist to Hurricanes up to Force 3.

  • LATERAL PANELS – Possibility of apply our Screen Enclosures at the Roof for create a new insulated room.

  • DECORATION – The interior layer is finished up with a fabric that adds elegance to the covering.

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