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Welcome to our Yukon Retractable Roof, Yukon Sunroom, Yukon Patio Covers webpage

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LITRA Yukon Patio Covers, Yukon Retractable Roof and Yukon Sunroom are the main products developed by LITRA in Yukon. Ideal for commercial but also for residential applications our products are able to increase your profits and increase the value of your property.

Improve the home or improve the business it has never been easier. Our Yukon Patio Covers, Yukon Retractable Roof and Yukon Sunroom and all other products can be demonstrated to be fully removable and therefore not classified as a permanent structure or permanent building addition.

All our products are developed with an high-resistant aluminum structure and strong PVC or Polycarbonate or Plexiglass or strong fabrics covering material and are guaranteed for five years.

LITRA products are equipped with our sliding system that allow at our roof to open or close at your please. Thanks to our retractable roofs system you can protect your customers or your home during the winter and enjoy the sun during the summer (the sliding systems are available with a motorized or manual solutions).

Garden Roof: Yukon Patio Covers

Our Yukon Patio Covers are ideal for cover your patio, your garden or just for create a new outdoor space where you can relax with your family or your friends, or are very useful if installed in a business because are able to create an additional space where you can accommodate your customers all year around. Our Yukon Patio Covers are fully customized for each customer and you can’t see any one of our product similar or equal to another product.

If you like a transparent roof LITRA has developed a special roof called from our customers the window on the sky. These roofs are called retractable sunroom (for residential applications) or retractable skylight (for commercial applications). Our Yukon Sunroom is one of the most appreciated products in Yukon for its elegance, style and utility. Our Yukon Sunroom, in fact, allow natural light to enter to the room.

For any business, we can recommend our main product: “Yukon Retractable Roof” (read more info about our retractable roofs).

Yukon Retractable Roof are ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, and any business. It’s a luxury line able to attract new customers in your business and they come back again, again and again. With our products the return of investment is quickly realized in a short time because generally those who choose to install our products increase their profits from 5% to 20%.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enchant your home or your business today, request a free estimate for our Yukon Patio Covers, Yukon Retractable Roof and Yukon Sunroom or one of the other products

Main Advantages of our Retractable Roofs:
  • RETRACTABLE – Possibility to selectively open and close the roof.

  • MOTORIZED – Automaticaly Open and Close.

  • ANTI SEISMIC – Possibility of request a structure that can resist to earthquakes up to 6.5 Richter Scale.

  • ANTI HURRICANES – Possibility of request a structure that can resist to Hurricanes up to Force 3.

  • LATERAL PANELS – Possibility of apply our Screen Enclosures at the Roof for create a new insulated room.

  • DECORATION – The interior layer is finished up with a fabric that adds elegance to the covering.

snow icon With a very solid structure and an innovative design the system can withstand snow loads of over 1.64feet.
wind icon Highly resistant aluminium structure that provides utmost security, even in strong winds (up to 120mph).
salt icons High quality fabrics guarantee unbeatable durability, even in harsh conditions such as saltness.
waterproof icon Thanks to the high quality PVC fabric used, the covering is totally impermeable to water.
condensation icon Thanks to L.I.TRA. USA multi-layered Stratustex system, we can avoid the undesirable phenomenon of condesation, which is very common with traditional covering.
environment icon This innovative system allows you to enjoy a cool environment in summer, considerably reducingthe inside temperature of L.I.TRA. USA covering.
heating icon In winter the covering can be heated with lamps, with no heat loss and providing the utmost comfort.
noise icon The system guarantees a significant reduction of sound inside and outside the covering.

Whitehorse (Whitehorse retractable roof, Whitehorse patio covers), Dawson, Watson Lake (Watson Lake sunroom), Haines Junction, Carmacks (Carmacks skylight), Faro, Mayo, Teslin.

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Yukon Patio Covers, Yukon Retractable Roof, Yukon Sunroom

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