HOW TO BUILD A POOL and Protect that with LITRA Pool Enclosures

Do you have desire to have a Swimming Pool in your property? LITRA USA Retractable Pool Enclosures can help. You don’t have knowledge of how to hire a contractor? Even if we do not build the pool our self we have cooperation with pool contractors that can build the pool for you and we do the Pool Enclosures for it. What is the best way to build a pool? Our suggestion is to build the pool not too far from the house; this way when we make the Pool Enclosure for you will be possible to connect that to your house.


That’s why we have created this article because we love to give a tailor project with zero hassle.

Try to image how is going to feel if you will be able to walk from your living room or sport room directly in your pool ready to swim without being force to go outside when is cold. This will be possible with LITRA USA Pool Enclosures. Going back to building the pool we did not meant to build the pool attach to the house because that will have risk of water infiltration in your basement. In order to avoid leaks in your home basement will be enough to build the pool 10 feet (about 3 meter) from the building and in between make sure there is soil in order to absorb the water.  I heard many people say I would not think to build a pool without getting a Pool Enclosures (and If possible Motorized) or some sort of pool cover for the winter. The first step that is necessary is to contact an architect for designing stage. We also know many architects with we cooperate for our Pool Enclosures and Retractable Roofs for Rooftops and Restaurant. Ones your project is approved the contractor that you choose will start the excavation; we suggest very carefully to keep an eye on that regarding the safety of the work; for example somebody can fall in the hole, so make sure the hole is protected by temporary fence in order to avoid disaster.


LITRA USA Pool Enclosures operate in mainly in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania but we can extend our services to all over USA, Canada and World-Wide for challenging project of thermal complex, sports facilities or Olympic Pool Enclosures. Another recommendation is to choose or make sure that the material that goes on contact with the water is of supreme quality. For example the tiles they use should be of first class which usually there are Made in Italy (in the back of the tile find where they are made). Italy has a long tradition on tile manufacturing and export products world-wide. For the water pumps, filter and chemicals we suggest to use a local company because those need periodical maintenance.  In winter the water of the pool get dirty with leaves.  In order to avoid change the water every year you will need to get some sort of cover for the pool. Also in winter the water freeze and this lower temperature may damage your pool equipment’s; the best way to avoid this is to drain all the water which cost a lot of money but if you have the correct Retractable and maybe Motorized Pool Enclosure this problem is solved. In addition you can use our financing option which will help you to build the swimming pool and the retractable enclosure and this transaction will not weigh on your wallet but will be paid off in several years. With this transaction you will increase the value of your property NEVER Worry again about leaves or expensive maintenance for your pool thanks to LITRA Products and Suggestions.