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Fabrics Colour Beige/White-6 Bar
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The LITRA retractable awning and enclosure system is the solution for all situations, where the weather has an influence on the way of life.
The Retractable Roof System offers isolation solutions for the following situations:
Wind (up to 140 kmph), sunlight, temperature, noise, humidity and much more.

Our covering system is a fixed structure that climatically protects your open space, in order to better control the inner environment.
The key aspect of our enclosures and covering system is the possibility to selectively open and close sections of the roof as the weather changes.
As the roof is modular, the customer can open or close sections up to two thirds of the length of the awning. The sections are powered by an electric motor or can be manually operated.

The Retractable enclosures system presents an accurate device to drain the rain water and to convey it in gutters inserted in the inner part of the sustaining pillars; moreover it includes a snow melting system to avoid the problems caused by an excessive snow load.

The framework is made of aluminum extrusions, with reinforced sections and has accessories in aluminum alloy and stainless steel to enhance the firmness of the structure.
All the profiles are patented and designed by LITRA

STRATUSTEX Insulation System:

  • The insulated covering of our system is multi-layered and all layers are fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, thermically isolated and all layers can be separated from the others by an air-chamber, for a perfect insulated system, or by an anti noise device.

  • The interior layer is finished up with a fabric that adds elegance to the covering.

  • The retractable awning can be closed on the sides with vertical panels made in aluminum or with sliding doors. These panels are really useful during the winter season and can be easily dismantled in the summer. Our telescopic tunnels and canopies and awnings can be projected in different shapes, from the traditional arch to more complex and personalized shapes and it is also possible to use different materials like Plexiglas, Polycarbonate, aluminum lamellas and many more.