Retractable Enclosures For Glacier Couleurs Caraibes

LITRA Retractable Enclosures Glacier Caraibes Restaurant

Glacier Couleurs Caraibes. Cannes, France

Before the installation

Design and production

Completed projects


Retractable Enclosures Roof designed for the Couleur Caraibes Ice Cream Parlour in Cannes, France is Telescopic covering system. Structure of M.A.N.T.T.® First Class System is: 2/3 is retractable roof system and 1/3 is fixed and with a simple click you can open your retractable cover or retractable enclosure and enjoy the summer and sunny days.

The covering roof system installed is a M.A.N.T.T. First Class covering composed of a single tunnel with lateral enclosures and fitted with the Stratustex Insulating System, which is also highly resistant to the elements and salt water environment. The Retractable Enclosure has also been equipped with energy-saving infrared heating units and an integrated LED lighting system.

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