Retractable Pergola Covers Les Jardin D’Alderic Hotel

LITRA Pergola Cover for Les Jardin D’Alderic Hotel

Retractable Pergola Roof for Les Jardin D’Alderic. Obernai, France

Before Installation

Design and production

Completed projects


Pergola Covers is designed for the Les Jardin d'Alderic Obernai, France. The pergola structure has been tested to withstand winds of over 118 km/h. Pergola Awning is made of aluminum profiles - with stainless steel components (aluminum pergola).

The product chosen is a Pergola Awning have motorised opening (motorized enclosure) and fully retractable (retractable pergola) that can be opened for over 140 sq.m. Pergola Awning transform outdoor restaurant space Les Jardin d'Alderic into a fully screened-in porch in quickly time.

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