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Sunrooms Long Island

If you decide to install a sunroom in your home, probably you need to increase the natural light in your home and add value to your property. The high success of the LITRA sunroom New York is the high quality who characterize all our products and the elegance of our work. Thanks to our sunroom (as called Sunrooms Long Island or Sunrooms Rochester NY) you can enjoy the natural light all year long, entertain your friends, relax, and look at the sky.

What is a Sunroom New York?

You may be wondering what exactly a sunroom New York? Well, this type of a sunroom is a special sunroom that is well insulated so that it can be used all year long, even during the cold winter months. This way you can enjoy the sunroom during the cold winter or a hot summer. You’ll be able to get the natural light that you need for your health all year long, which is important, especially for getting the Vitamin D that you need.

LITRA Sunrooms Long Island is a retractable sunroom is 1/3 fixed and 2/3 retractable in special conditions you can require a roof 1/4 fixed and 3/4 retractable.

The high-resistant aluminum structure who composing our Sunrooms Long Island (or Sunrooms Rochester NY) are able to protect you and your family from strong wind, rain, high snow load, UV rays and other weather conditions.

If you want create a shadow area in your home, you can add at our Sunroom one of our Retractable Awnings. In this case, you can open or closed at your please the retractable sunroom and your retractable awning. Request now a free estimate and get an idea about our products.

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