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Retractable Roofs   –   See Gallery

First Class (Motorized)

LITRA USA First Class motorized Retractable Roof are for season protection systems…

Retractable Roof picture

Skyights and Sunrooms   –   Gallery

Skylights (Motorized/Manual)

LITRA USA Skylight and Sunrooms is a telescopic motorized covering line that you can open and close…

Skylights and Sunrooms picture

Pool Enclosures   –   See Gallery

Litra Pool Enclosures

LITRA USA Pool Enclosures are designed for sport facilities and swimming pools…

Pool Enclosures picture

Louvered Roof See Gallery

Louvered Roof

Louvered Roof allows you to expand your working space and regulate climate as you need.

Louvered Roof

Pergola Covers   –   See Gallery

Pergola Roof

Pergola covers is a newly designed aluminium pergola suitable for covering commercial places…

Pergola Covers picture

Retractable Roof Stadiums - Gallery

Retractable Roof Stadiums

Try to imagine when it starts to rain and you close The LITRA Retractable Roof Stadiums conditions.

LITRA Retractable Roof Stadiums

Rooftop Enclosures   –   See Gallery

Litra Rooftop

LITRA USA Rooftop Enclosures is the perfect solutions for rooftop installations…

Rooftop Enclosures picture

Special Awnings   –   See Gallery

Litra Special Awnings

LITRA Retractable Special awnings are the ideal solution for technologically covering your hotels, restaurants…

Special Awnings picture

Screen Enclosures   –   See Gallery


The Screen Enclosures (lateral panels) are made of a powder coated aluminium structure…

Lateral Enclosures picture

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