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Retractable Roofs   –   See Gallery

First Class (Motorized)

LITRA USA First Class motorized Retractable Roof are for season protection systems…

Retractable Roof picture

Retractable Patio Covers   –   Gallery

Garden Roof (Manual)

LITRA USA Patio Covers is a manually operated telescopic covering solution, ideal for…

Retractable Patio Covers picture

Skyights and Sunrooms   –   Gallery

Skylights (Motorized/Manual)

LITRA USA Skylight and Sunrooms is a telescopic motorized covering line that you can open and close…

Skylights and Sunrooms picture

Pergola Covers   –   See Gallery

Pergola Roof

Pergola covers is a newly designed aluminium pergola suitable for covering commercial places…

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Pool Enclosures   –   See Gallery

Litra Pool Enclosures

LITRA USA Pool Enclosures are designed for sport facilities and swimming pools…

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Rooftop Enclosures   –   See Gallery

Litra Rooftop

LITRA USA Rooftop Enclosures is the perfect solutions for rooftop installations…

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Special Awnings   –   See Gallery

Litra Special Awnings

LITRA Retractable Special awnings are the ideal solution for technologically covering your hotels, restaurants…

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Screen Enclosures   –   See Gallery


The Screen Enclosures (lateral panels) are made of a powder coated aluminium structure…

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Mobile Shade / Walkways   –   Gallery

Mobile Shade

The Mobile Shade is a windbreak, a perfect solution in all situations when wind resistant coverings …

Shade Mobile picture