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LITRA Retractable Enclosures

Most of the time we lose customers in the winter due to rain, snow or wind but LITRA Retractable Enclosures is the best products for any residential or commercial applications. Motorized Retractable Enclosures by LITRA are designed for any climate conditions and perform greatly with snow, rain, and wind. LITRA Retractable Enclosures perfect for nightclubs, rooftops, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, and so on…

Retractable Enclosure
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LITRA Motorized Enclosures are Retractable Roofs that you can simply open and close as you please with remote control. Our LITRA Retractable Roofs (or First Class System Motorized Enclosures) are 1/3 fixed and 2/3 retractable. This provides you the chance to have the maximum amount of airflow in your space as you prefer, or perhaps close the roof completely. LITRA Retractable Enclosures may also be 1/4 fixed and 3/4 retractable. With an easy click, you’ll be able to open and close the retractable enclosure and enjoy the summer sunny days or keep the retractable enclosure closed and be shielded from sudden rain, strong winds, pollution, snow, or breeze. LITRA Retractable Roofs are entirely designed from our team of engineers and architects and manufactured in compliance with the prevailing regulations, to ensure LITRA customers the utmost comfort and safety.

Retractable Enclosure

LITRA Retractable Enclosures are so strong that they will withstand very high winds. Our works have withstood the Hurricane Sandy which has devastated the New York and New Jersey area. LITRA Retractable Roofs can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer for the best comfort. They are also equipped with an integrated drainage system that collects and carries out the rainwater. This will avoid leaks and your guest can enjoy a Wonderful Experience. In order to create an insulated and winterize Retractable Enclosure LITRA has invented a highly resistant, multi-layered patented system called Stratutex which is available upon request. This Multilayer System will protect your customers or guest from UV rays and very important avoid condensation and greenhouse effect. About condensation try to image in a ordinary Retractable Enclosure the drop of water coming done the roof into a place of a customer. You want avoid that and with LITRA Retractable Enclosures equipped with our Patent Multilayer System is possible.

All LITRA Motorized Retractable Enclosures are custom-made just for you with Special aluminum alloy that ensure long lasting and quick return of investment (sometime just in one season). Our customers that have invested in our Winterize Retractable Enclosures have substantially increase their business because LITRA Retractable Enclosure can be installed anywhere and it avoids the unpleasant greenhouse effect that the majority of our competitors struggle with. It can be fitted with lateral enclosures (Lateral Enclosures or Vertical Side Enclosures) which are independent from the roof and completely removable. This offers the power to permit airflow through the removed lateral enclosures while closing the roof for sun protection. LITRA Retractable Enclosures are consider has non-permanent structure because they are completely removable and will allow you to obtain a permit easily. In addition will allow you to chance a dead taxable outdoor space in a profitable area where you can increase your revenue. On top of all these features we offer also FREE CONSULTATION.