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Sometimes we lose business in our outdoors due to the climate conditions...

With LITRA Motorized Retractable Enclosures we protect your business and customers from weather element in order to attract them in all Seasons. Most architects suggest LITRA Retractable Roof Products to solve climate problems in order to ensure the most appropriate customer experience. With LITRA Retractable Enclosures, always climate control. The best experience in Retractable Roofs and Skylights. Ask now for a free estimate. Think about when your customers are mostly seated in your garden or outdoor, and start a sudden rain that the weather application did not predict. Your customers think they have to leave, but you will shock them by closing LITRA Automatic Retractable Enclosure. Maximize your outdoor space installing Retractable Enclosures, a cutting-edge made from LITRA, a technology previously unavailable that improves the standard of outdoor living.

LITRA Retractable Enclosure, an architectural style that can be harmonized in diverse constructions to ensure protection in all weather conditions. Increase your business with our broad range of products and attract customers all year round with LITRA Motorized Retractable Roofs. LITRA Retractable Roof Systems are designed to serve your customers with the best available standard, creating a sense of outdoor feeling.

For folks who want fresh air when the sun is brilliant intensely, you can close the Retractable Roof Systems so that your guests can relax and benefit from the shade. They do not have to change the location in order to get the appropriate protection. With LITRA Retractable Roofs line of products , we ensure protection from rain, snow, sun, or wind all in one product. Our Retractable Enclosures, we can install in the areas of New York, New Jersey, New York City Tristate Area, Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida (in Tampa, Miami, Orlando), Atlanta Georgia, Chicago Illinois, Boston, and all over U.S.A.

In addition, we are able to make the Retractable Enclosures for many different applications such as Stadiums, Rooftops, Swimming Pool Enclosures, Retractable Skylights. We always custom offer the best offer for you. Ask for a free estimate now.