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Skylight, Sunroom by Litra

The unique motorized retractable Skylight, Sunroom

LITRA internationally patented M.A.N.T.T. Retractable Sunrooms is a unique product with special features.

Skylight, Sunroom is a Motorized Retractable Sunrooms that you can open and close as you wish. This makes LITRA Retractable Skylight an ideal solution for businesses like a: restaurant Skylight enclosures, bar Skylight enclosures, pub Skylight enclosures, reception halls enclosures and hotel Skylight enclosures. The roof is 1/3 fixed (fixed skylight) and 2/3 retractable (retractable Skylight and Sunrooms).

Skylight, Sunroom for business and home

Our sun room consists in removable sliding modular panels, with an aluminum structure and highly resistant PVC, polycarbonate and Plexiglas coverings material.
Retractable Sunroom with a motorized system can be easily opened and closed with a simple click. This makes our Retractable Sunroom an ideal solution for businesses such as restaurants, bars, pubs, banquet halls, reception halls and hotels.

All LITRA sunroom ideas have passed all security tests and they can be anti-seismic and anti-hurricane.

Our retractable skylight and sunroom are waterproof, resistant to UV rays and they provide protection from pollution, thus creating a pleasant and cool atmosphere.

LITRA retractable sunroom (conservatories) are also using a drainage system which directs the water from the rain or snow into the public canalization.

LITRA is one of the sun room manufacturers specialized in creating custom retractable skylight(ideal structure for businesses).

A sunroom prices depends usually on the dimension and on the selected features. By default the structure is waterproof, long lasting, retractable, motorized, it offers uv protection, removable, wind resistant.
You can also choose between fixed sunrooms patio rooms or equipped with motorized system (see the gallery for other sunroom ideas)
To open and close we using a rail system (the roof is sliding) and it’s capable of covering large dimensions.

The conservatory can be combined with different materials (part transparent or opaque) or with Screen Enclosures.

With our retractable skylight you have also the option for opening side by side or from the center to the side (customers will be amazed and they will recommend you to all their friends). The system is also capable for installing air condition and with the screen enclosures you are able to attract customer all year around (all seasons sunrooms).

Litra retractable sunroom are also referred as: patio rooms, sun room, conservatories, solariums and sunroom addition.

Retractable Skylights

Commercial Applications

The biggest advantage of our Retractable Skylights over fixed awnings is the fact that they offer total protection to your outdoor area…

Retractable Skylight and sunroom

Retractable Sunrooms

Residential Applications

Retractable Sunroom provide an excellent housing solution for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space..

Retractable skylight and Sunroom

Litra skylights will transform the place in a more attractive one.