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Wind Protection Lateral PAnel by LITRA

The Great Quality of our Screen enclosures guarantee wind protection

On Monday September 11, 2006 Hurricane Florence swept Bermuda. The Category One hurricane luckily caused no fatalities or serious injuries but damages to structures and property have been reported.

At the height of the storm there were sustained winds of up to more than 100 mph and further damage was caused by trees, lightning and flying debris.

Mr. Emilio Barbieri, owner of the Fourways Inn in Paget, happily reports about the aftermath of the hurricane, which caused very little damage to his business, protected by our Screen enclosures / lateral panels.

Our flexible lateral panels, resisted winds up to 105 mph without even bending, keeping their shape unaltered and protecting Mr. Barbieri’s business from the hurricane’s wrath.

Actually our panels have been tested to resist winds up to 136 mph.
Trust and buy our wind protection system with lateral panels, patented and manufactured by LITRA in USA.

During the Hurricane Florence

during the Hurricane Florence

during the Hurricane Florence

See pictures of our lateral panels after Hurricane Florance

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