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Alaska Covering system for low temperatures. Alaska Retractable Roof, Alaska Sunrooms, Alaska Skylights

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Alaska Covering system for low temperatures is a covering system made by LITRA for protect your home and your business from adverse weather conditions. The much-appreciated products in Alaska are Alaska Retractable Roof, Alaska Skylights and Alaska Patio Covers

Alaska Covering system

From these conditions, you can protect by using our Retractable Enclosures (retractable roof). With metallic or aluminum structure (like used on aluminum awnings and metal awnings). Thanks our Covering system you are protected from the snowfall during the winter season and in the warmer season you can use the retractable roof to let the sun inside.

Alaska skylights

Alaska skylights by LITRA is an innovative transparent roof (called the windows on the sky) able to protect you and your customer from weather conditions thanks its insulation system can guarantee warm in winter. Our Alaska skylights are able to lower the internal temperature during the summer season, this makes our Alaska skylight ideal all year around. Thanks its retractable system you can open or close it at your please and if you want, you can request the motorized version, with this version you can open or close it with a simple click on a button.

What is the Retractable Roof?

The retractable roof is a covering system which allows you to cover your area but it the same time you are able to open it as you please thanks to the sliding roof system. Retractable roofs by LITRA is motorized retractable roof able to increase the business profits, protect your customers or your home (if you install it for residential applications) and increase the value of your capital.

For more info about our roofs, visit a specific webpage or read the main advantages.

Main Advantages of our Retractable Roofs:
  • RETRACTABLE – Possibility to selectively open and close the roof.

  • MOTORIZED – Automaticaly Open and Close.

  • ANTI SEISMIC – Possibility of request a structure that can resist to earthquakes up to 6.5 Richter Scale.

  • ANTI HURRICANES – Possibility of request a structure that can resist to Hurricanes up to Force 3.

  • LATERAL PANELS – Possibility of apply our Screen Enclosures at the Roof for create a new insulated room.

  • DECORATION – The interior layer is finished up with a fabric that adds elegance to the covering.

snow icon With a very solid structure and an innovative design the system can withstand snow loads of over 1.64feet.
wind icon Highly resistant aluminium structure that provides utmost security, even in strong winds (up to 120mph).
salt icons High quality fabrics guarantee unbeatable durability, even in harsh conditions such as saltness.
waterproof icon Thanks to the high quality PVC fabric used, the covering is totally impermeable to water.
condensation icon Thanks to L.I.TRA. USA multi-layered Stratustex system, we can avoid the undesirable phenomenon of condesation, which is very common with traditional covering.
environment icon This innovative system allows you to enjoy a cool environment in summer, considerably reducingthe inside temperature of L.I.TRA. USA covering.
heating icon In winter the covering can be heated with lamps, with no heat loss and providing the utmost comfort.
noise icon The system guarantees a significant reduction of sound inside and outside the covering.

Anchorage (Anchorage shelter), Juneau, Fairbanks (Fairbanks shelter), College (with College awnings), Sitka, Ketchikan, Knik-Fairview, Badger (Badger shelter), Lakes, Tanaina, Kalifornsky, Wasilla, Meadow, Kenai (Kenai shelter).

Aleutians East, Anchorage (Anchorage shelter), Bristol Bay, Denali, Fairbanks North Star, Haines, Juneau, Kenai Peninsula, Ketchikan Gateway, Kodiak Island, Lake and Peninsula, Matanuska-Susitna, North Slope, Northwest Arctic, Petersburg, Sitka, Municipality of Skagway, Unorganized, Wrangell, Yakutat.

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