LITRA is an international Retractable Roofs company that solves problems for the outdoors of Hotels, Restaurants, Rooftops, Roof Gardens,


Is the weather giving you a challenge in your outdoor? LITRA Retractable Enclosures will support you to solve these problems.


Retractable Pergolas by LITRA offer a transformative solution for enhancing outdoor spaces.


If you’re seeking innovative solutions to expand your Al Fresco dining and create an inviting atmosphere, LITRA USA Motorized Retractable Roofs are the answer. We transform dead outdoor spaces into all year-round money making machine with our technology Motorized Retractable Roof. By eliminating the constraints imposed by weather, LITRA USA Retractable Enclosures empower businesses to

The Retractable Roof can transform your outdoor

Have you ever thought if the Retractable Roof can transform your outdoor area? With a Retractable Roof that dream can become a reality. Absolutely, and this adaptability to varying weather conditions is one of the key advantages of a Retractable Roof System. The ability to control exposure to the elements ensures that you can make

Elevate Your Business with LITRA USA Retractable Roof

Unveiling the Ultimate Versatility In the dynamic landscape of modern business, adaptability andinnovation are key. Enter the game-changer: the retractable roofs,brought to you by LITRA USA. As a pioneering provider in the realm of architectural solutions, we takes pride in offeringbusinesses across diverse industries the transformative power of retractable enclosures. Picture this: A bustling restaurant,

Get Protected with Patio Covers New Jersey

Finally protect yourself from all elements in all seasons with top-quality Patio Covers New Jersey. If you wanrt the best Restaurant Patio Enclosures in New Jersey look no further than LITRA USA Retractable Roofs. Our innovative Patio Covers are designed to enhance your outdoor space, providing protection from the elements while adding style and functionality

Solve Climate Problems with Retractable Roofs by LITRA USA

When you have challenges with hard Climate Conditions call for the Retractable Roofs by LITRA USA offers innovative world wide solutions for countless applications and spaces, providing protection against adverse weather conditions while maintaining an open-air experience when desired. Here are the most important key features and benefits highlighted in the provided article below: High-Quality

Increase your Income and Discover the New Potential of Your Alfresco Area with LITRA Retractable Roof Systems

Increase your Income and Discover the New Potential of Your Alfresco Area with LITRA Retractable Roof Systems The LITRA Retractable Roof Systems is custom-made, using cutting-edge technology, especially to offer any outdoor space the most advance protection from adverse weather conditions all year round. These Retractable Roof Systems are adaptable to any type of business