frequently asked question


  • What is the percentage of temperature reduction under your awning?

    The temperature is reduced of the 30/40 % depending on the geographic location where the cover is installed.

  • Can I install an air conditioner under your awning?

    Yes, the structures is prearranged to install heating or cooling systems.

  • Is there any dew and humidity under the awning?


  • Can I choose and customize the interior decoration to adapt it to my furniture?

    Yes, every cover is available in a whole range of colours and patterns and can be absolutely integrated with the existent furniture.

  • I saw that your awning system can be opened in the case of nice weather. Wich are the terms of this characteristic?

    The modula roof arches can be selective retracted for the 75% of the whole area when the structures is composed of two flowing and one fix module. In the case of a structure made of only two flowing modules, the roof arches can be retracted for the 50%.

  • The area of the terrace I wish to cover is quite big. How many visible pillars do you need to place to sustain the cover?

    In a standard system of covering the pillars can be placed 7 meters one to the other, living lot of free space and avoiding overfilled pillars.

  • Can I close laterally the awning with a system different from the one you supply?

    Yes, every cover can be laterally close with alternative solutions like aluminium frames or glass frames.

  • My garden has an irregular shape. Are you able to cover it with one of your systems?

    Yes, we can work also on irregular shape (ex. trapezoidal).

  • I would like to have a particular shape for the superior arch of the awning, is that possible?

    Yes, we can personalize the shape of the arch.

  • We have a snow fall equal to 13,5 inch. Can use yours covers?

    Yes, our structures are made to sustain the snow load even if the extact calculation can be made according to the total area of the cover.

  • My business activity, in Trieste (Italy), has got a large terrace to cover. Our geographic location is know for the b winds, typical of our climate. Are your awnings systems appropriate for us?

    Yes, our awning systems are guaranteed to restit to winds up to 90 miles.

  • What kind of maintenance do your covers required and how often?

    Our cover’s device are self-lubrificant and they do not need a particular maintenance. The only necessary intervention is a yearly general cleaning that can be made by client.

  • How are the lateral closures made?

    The lateral closures are made of flowing and dismountable panels in aluminium and high resistant fabric.

  • We usually organize entertainment shows for our customers. In doing this, we need to follow the regulation about the music wireless system. Can I organize this kind of shows under your awnings?

    Yes, our awnings can be fitted with soundproof system thar permit a remarkable fall of the waves produced inside the cover.

  • How the rain is eliminated?

    The water rain is channelled in the ground thanks to a particular system that works as a gutter. Then, with specific auxiliary catch basins, the water can flow in the already existent drain implant.

  • I need a 30*25 feet cover. How long does the delivery take?

    The delivery times can vary from 30 to 90 days depending on the job.

  • How can I have certain execution times?

    The execution times can be know analyzing the detailed images of the space that need to be cover as well as studying tha plant and dimension of this space.

  • Can I have an idea about the final result of the job before buying it?

    Yes, our graphic artist will study an appropriate design solution and will provide an elaborate image so that you will see how the awning will be at the and of the job.

  • Can the cover contain an electrical implant according to the law?

    Yes, there is a non-visible canal system that allows the pass of the electrical cables.

  • Can I install your awning in a business, respecting the Fire Regulation?

    Yes, all materials we use follow the Fire Resistance Regulation both for Europe and USA.