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LITRA BioPergo is a Louvered Roof that allows you to expand your working space. With our BioPergo Louvered Roof you can attract customers all year round Increasing Your Revenue. With LITRA BioPergo Louvered Roof you will enjoy Climate Control. When the louvered roof is open the ventilation starts naturally , the cool air blows down to your deck that’s why we call LITRA Louvred Roof also Bioclimatic Louvered Roof Pergola.

With LITRA Experience the QUALITY and SERVICE of the best American Louvered Roof.

Powder coated aluminum profile that never rusts.

You will never lose one day of outdoor and also the ability to regulate the microclimate in your terrace by creating natural ventilation.

Create additional space now and enjoy four season protection from the elements with LITRA BioPergo Louvered Roof.

Adds tables in your restaurant to maximize your working space.

LITRA Louvered Roof is a cutting edge of the market.

LITRA BioPergo Louvered Roof Increases Business Revenue.

We suggest not to look too much at the cash you're giving up, but instead towards what you're getting back. It may pay back from itself in one season.

Ask a FREE ESTIMATE NOW for LITRA Louvered Roof system cost.

Retractable Roof

LR 910 A

Retractable Roof

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Retractable Roof

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Retractable Roof

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Retractable Roof by litra

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Retractable Roof by litra

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Retractable Roof by litra

LR 906 A

Retractable Roof by litra

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