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Retractable Roof Stadiums

Protect your guest with LITRA Retractable Roof Stadiums

Retractable Roof Stadiums | Litra USA

Retractable Roof Stadiums

A LITRA Retractable Roof Stadiums has the advantage that it can be opened and closed as needed. This way you can protect the public when it rains and snows outside. And also during the year you protect the stadium itself.
L.I.TRA. is manufacturing and installing revolutionary retractable roof stadium systems for baseball stadiums or other professional sports stadiums.

A retractable roof stadiums from L.I.TRA. has lots of advantages compared to fixed roof stadiums. With a single touch of a button you can open the whole stadium. They benefit also of all features of our retractable roof stadiums system.

The retractable roof stadiums is available in two options. One system that consist of 2 parts (one fixed and one retractable) which allows you to open the roof at up to 50% of it’s full size.

The other option is a system made of 3 parts, with one fixed and 2 movable parts. This can be opened at up to 2/3 (66%) of the full size of the roof.

  • L.I.TRA. is specializes in designing and installing sport covers for sport centers such as swimming pools, tennis courts, five-a-side courts, country clubs, stadiums (Stadium Enclosures) and bowling greens
  • Our sport covers are ideal for those who need a top quality product, robust and elegant at the same time..
  • We manufacture and install coverings for stadium stands, protective coverings for outdoor sport centers..
  • All our structures are highly resistant to any adverse weather condition: strong winds, rain, dampness, snow and UV rays. Our structures can be easily opened or closed thanks to their motorized retractable roof.
  • Our sport covers use the “M.A.N.T.T.-M.A.S.A.W.” system, which has been patented and tested against hurricanes and earthquakes. The “M.A.N.T.T.-M.A.S.A.W.” system is also equipped with a snow melting device.

We manufacture and install coverings for stadium stands, protective coverings for outdoor sport centers