Motorized Retractable Roof for Marco Polo

Marco Polo Motorized Retractable Roofing Systems by LITRA

Retractable Roofing systems in Court Street, Brooklyn, New York

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Marco polo is located in the heart of Carroll gardens and is one of brooklyn's most popular and acclaimed eateries. Marco polo is famous for it's northern and southern Italian cuisine. Opened since 1983 his welcomes you to a delightful experience of fine food and a beautiful retractable roof able to enchant the guests.

Motorized Retractable Roofing system is a great way to increase your profits and attract more customers. Thanks to LITRA retractable roofing system you and your customer can enjoy the sun during the summer and protect your business from rain, strong wind, snow and other weather conditions during the winter season.

Motorized retractable roofing systems by LITRA (also called retractable roofs) are composed of high-resistant aluminum structure able to resist at wind up to 120 mph and small earthquake.

The retractable system installed for Marco Polo is motorized and you can open or close at your please with a simple click of a button. Our system il 1/3 fixed and 2/3 retractable. Thanks to LITRA retractable roofing system, Marco Polo has Enchanted his business with a new life and has increased his customers attraction power. Our retractable roofing systems help this and other business to increase their profits from 5% to 15% or plus. This retractable roof are developed for a not uniform area, in fact, he present with an irregular form (but this isn't a problem for our engineers.

For the entrance to Marco Polo, we were installed a special sliding door created with our special Screen Enclosures. Screen Enclosures are a special lateral panel able to create a comfortable space, similar to the glass but very much resistant than it. Our screen enclosures were tested during the Hurricane Florence that swept Bermuda in September 2006, when they resisted winds up to 62 mph (see our video). With this special panel, we have developed the beautiful entrance to Marco Polo. If you too want increase your profits contact now us for our retractable roofing system.

LITRA retractable roofing system is available with different color and form for realize your dreams.

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Customer’s website: Marco Polo

Motorized Retractable Roofing Systems by LITRA