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Patio Cover By Litra

The best solution for your backyard is LITRA Patio Cover.

LITRA Patio Cover is the product that transform the patio into a new modern place where it will be pleasant to spend time admiring in safeness nature around.

Commercial Retractable Patio Covers

L.I.TRA. USA Commercial Patio Covers is a manually operated solution, ideal for any type of business (restaurant patio covers, hotel enclosure).

Commercial Patio Covers

Residential Retractable Patio Cover

Retractable Patio Covers is the right solution for winterize and summarize outdoor canopy because it comes with an insulated system…

Residential Patio Covers

Patio cover by LITRA is the best solutions for getting Patio roofs ideas to implement them in your home or in your business outdoor space. After a free quote and a free patio coverings plans you can choose to install or not what we thought for you.

Build patio cover without permit

If the patio belongs to a business, with LITRA Patio roofs it can be exploited to get much more revenue. Thanks to our product you can attract more customers again, again and again. A little investment will bring more clients because the place becomes safe and more attractive. In addition to these benefits, is possible build patio cover without permit because our products aren’t a permanent structure are easy to install and remove.

If the patio belongs to a home, you can add value at your home and create a new outdoor space where you can relax. Is possible attaching a patio cover to house or choose one of our patio cover designs free standing.

High protection of our patio coverings

Patio cover (or patio coverings) by LITRA protect your home and your business outdoor space from rain, snow, breeze, wind (up to 120 mph), UV and other harmful rays, and other weather conditions. And this is possible thanks to our highly resistant aluminum structure and at our strong fabrics, PVC, Polycarbonate or Plexiglass covering material.

When it is covered, Litra Patio roofs can become the extension of the building and have sites available in seasons with bad weather. This is the way you can imagine your business can be developed.

Our retractable patio enclosures are of high quality and this is guaranteed with an international patent. They are comfortable also in usage as in operation.

Patio roofs are the line for Business and Home, if you have a garden and want extend your living space all season, Litra retractable patio enclosures are the products for you.

Our Patio roofs are available with retractable system or fixed system, for commercial and residential applications.

LITRA patio coverings are a manual retractable outdoor roof that you can open or closed at your please (the standard version of our retractable patio covers is 1/3 fixed and 2/3 retractable). Fixed Patio roofs is the standard patio cover.

If you need to enchant your patio if you have a business or home choose patio cover kits by LITRA. High quality at the best price. Who offer you more? Of course LITRA!

With a stylish and elegant design, our patio cover will change the ambiance into a more pleasant and
enjoyable one that touches the senses.