Retractable Roofs by LITRA

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Retractable Roofs by LITRA

Do you have the problem that your outdoor space becomes unusable because of bad weather?

LITRA Retractable Roofs are the solution for all your problems. Impress your customers, your friends, your family, or your peers by closing the roof with one simple touch of a button.

Try to imagine when a sudden rain come, your customers think that they have to live but you shock them closing a LITRA Retractable Roof creating a fantastic experience for them. In addition you can expand your outdoor space with our Automatic Retractable Roofs or extend your season increasing the income of your business.

LITRA Retractable Roof is a cutting-edge made of long lasting powder coated aluminum profiles and galvanize steel structure with coverings material of the best quality and safety such us polycarbonate or a special multilayer system patented from LITRA that avoid the condensation.

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Many Restaurants, Hotels, Rooftops, outdoor spaces are not usable in the winter because of cold weather, snow, wind. They become useless and waste your money for as long as the cold weather conditions persist. With LITRA Retractable Roof you can profit from your outdoor space all year-round in all weather conditions opening and closing the roof as you please creating a Climate Control Atmosphere.

Because your space will be usable in all season, you will generate larger revenue, and your return on investment (ROI) will be tremendously shorter. LITRA Retractable Roofs can pay themselves in even less than a season. Allow us to take your business to the next level with LITRA Motorized Retractable Roofs. LITRA also offers solutions for residential applications.

Do you have a garden, a penthouse, or a patio that you wish you could use all the time? With LITRA Retractable Roofs this can become reality. LITRA Retractable Roofs perform greatly with snow, rain, and wind. They are perfect for nightclubs, rooftops, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, or why not even your backyard. LITRA USA Retractable Roofs can be opened in warm weather in a way that you can enjoy a nice day out or closed in order to protect you from all weather conditions.

Purchase LITRA Retractable Roofs now and be protected from sudden rain, strong wind, snow, pollution, and hot weather.