LITRA Retractable Roofs


LITRA is an international Retractable Roofs company that solves problems for the outdoors of Hotels, Restaurants, Rooftops, Roof Gardens, and adds value to our customers offering all year-round solutions. We have invented revolutionary motorized retractable enclosures for applications in the hospitality industry, international events, sports events, Expo. With LITRA retractable roofs we served Rooftops, Hotels, Restaurants, Stadiums, Resorts, Spas, Wedding Facilities and helped them become more successful by increasing their business. Our patented Motorized Retractable Roof Systems, unique all over the World, guarantees four seasons and all-weather protection as well as fancy style and environment in an exclusive design unavailable before. LITRA Retractable Roof can stand hurricane winds, heavy snow loads, feature with lateral enclosures for side protection from pollution, rain and wind, withstand very hard winter (our roofs are insulated with an I- tech patented system) and in addition are built with water canalization that allows 100% impermeability.

Our telescopic retractable roofs are motorized to cover an area as quickly as weather can change. You can extend the touristic season with LITRA motorized retractable roof systems and maximize the return of investment which will be realized in a short time. Today you can advertise a Climate Controlled Room, offering your customers a wonderful outdoor feeling experience with Litra Retractable Roof Skylight. Another important aspect of our Motorized Retractable Roofs is that it is fully removable and therefore not classified as a permanent structure allowing your business to save resources avoiding the building cost. With LITRA innovative Retractable Roofs, no business with an outdoor amusement area needs to waste business or revenue and in addition can provide accommodation to smokers. Indeed, with our Retractable Roofs, countless hotels, rooftops, restaurants and clubs efficiently boost their business as they make use of their outdoor areas much more successfully than ever before.