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A LITRA Hotel Enclosures design large covering systems suitable for any use.
Install a telescopic covering over your hotel patio or as a protection for the breakfast veranda and make your outdoor living space in screened-in porch in quickly time.

Protect your restaurant patio with an elegant telescopic covering system. You can finally use it 365 days a year, no matter what the weather – sun, rain, wind or snow.

With our telescopic enclosures your customers will enjoy the sight of a breathtaking view in any season of the year. Select the colour and shape you like the most for your Hotel Enclosures. Choose the covering solution that best matches your hotel style and enhances its overall beauty.

Our Hotel enclosures are manufactured with high quality materials and undergo severe tests that ensure their resistance and durability.

From our products, we suggest for your future Hotel Roof Enclosures to use this products:
From our products, we suggest for your future Hotel Roof Enclosures to use this products:

Contact Litra office for your future Hotel Enclosure. Our specialists will find the right solution for your needs.

Why Choose Litra:

  • LITRA specializes in designing and installing coverings and enclosures for tourist facilities such as hotels and holiday camps.
  • Our Hotel Enclosures are the ideal solution for those who need a top-quality product, elegant and solid.
  • We manufacture and install entrance tunnels, telescopic covers for outdoor dining rooms and covers for sport facilities (tennis courts, swimming pools and so on).
  • All our structures are resistant to any adverse weather condition: strong wind, rain, dampness, snow and UV rays. Dining room covers significantly increase the working surface and, as a consequence, the number of tables for your customers. These structures create a cozy atmosphere, well integrated with the surrounding environment.
  • Our hotel enclosures use the “M.A.N.T.T. – M.A.S.A.W.” system, which has been patented and tested against hurricanes and earthquakes. The “M.A.N.T.T. – M.A.S.A.W.” system is also equipped with a snow melting device.