LITRA American Louvered Roof Systems for Architects and Designers

LITRA BioPergo American Louvered Roof Systems

Welcome! LITRA American Louvered Roof Systems is the best for Architects and Designers The cover is made up of tilting aluminum blades. The LITRA American Louvered Roof Systems In the presence of the sun, the open slats improve well-being by creating a natural aerodynamic flow that moves the hot air upwards.

During the rain, the closed slats protect by channeling the water into the drainage pipes integrated into the structure. LITRA American Louvered Roof Systems innovations are harmoniously integrated into the supporting structure made of powder coated aluminum profiles . In Additions LITRA louvered roof is characterized by a futuristic design, capable of enhancing any type of architecture, enhancing the esthetics of the product. The prefect isolation from the external environment. Finally, each blade , along its entire length, mounts a gasket on which the adjacent blade rests in closing, guaranteeing impermeability to water and air. LITRA American Louvered Roof Motorization is controlled by a remote control that adjusts the opening, the rotation up to 45° beyond the vertical, so as to be able to adjust the light until the sun is full. The structure made entirely of aluminum alloy that never rust and will long last ; Insulated and resistant to atmospheric agents (sun, rain, snow, wind) is suitable for Residential and Commercial applications. Motorized roofing solution for your comfort with tensioning regulated by a gas spring system, which can be installed on the ceiling, placed against the wall or on existing structures. All profiles (crossbars, guides and legs) are designed for the installation of side closures (glass or transparent vertical) and are made of powder coated aluminum profiles, while the accessories are in powder coated die-cast aluminum. All extreme Quality that will allow you to expand you space adding value to your business or home. FOR MORE INFORMATION ASK FOR A FREE CONSULTATION OR CALL US NOW

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